Best Throwing Knife Target

Throwing knives is a dying art and a true skill. But don’t you know that the art of throwing knives involves more physics to it than you think. You can’t just play with knives and expect safety not to betray you. Knowing when to use that throwing knife requires having a good target first. Any craftsman or carpenter wouldn’t agree using plywood or corkboard material. So axe those choices and find steadier and thicker wood like cotton wood or log rounds. Study the quality of wood before using them. Look out for decay and feel its base. Find the right balance for your target. Not too thick that your knife will get marks and a few scratches and a little too soft for the knife to penetrate. Find the best wood available to you that won’t damage the quality of your knives if you throw it. If it’s a competition you’re getting ready for, point system is credited as the distance becomes more challenging. Your throwing knife target can be fixed or standing, or hanging. Occasionally, shift from a shorter distance to a farther point for practice. Determine the position you most comfortable in are. Try target practice. Always clear the area before throwing those blades. Avoid accidents at all costs. Position yourself in such a way that the only target is the board. A successful throw do checks factors such as distance, weight and length of the knife, experience of the thrower and proper timing. Having all these aligned makes you more or less hit your target. While you might have seen a human target in movies or live magical performance, doing this yourself with not any experience will only ensure hurting the target. It may also present as an available target but trees are not recommended targets. Like you, trees are living organism and chances are you will only let it die if you use it as your target. Being sure at all times is the guarantee that those knives won’t bounce back. And of course, any skill can be perfected when you apply constant practice. Thus, don’t make it the least of considerations because having the best throwing knife target is a definite factor.

Best Cheap Throwing Knife

What makes a good best throwing knife yet inexpensive? To answer this, you need a comprehensive review of the following factors: specifications, construction and design. Whether used in target practice or a competition, you can still enjoy a good knife without paying too much. Read reviews to be assured of quality for the price you are paying. Cheap throwing knives easily break and cause high maintenance while some are prone to dents and scratches after a few misses. So how can you be assured of the quality (aside from a good bargain)?

First, check out the balance of weight if it’s distributed evenly. This is to be sure of its accuracy once released. You might consider choosing a longer knife to have a perfect grip. Those of stainless or carbon steel prove to be dependable for its function. Choose a price that value for your money, no matter how cheap it can be.

Cheap nevertheless great throwing knives can cost around $2 to $10 for set of three. The average overall length of that price range is usually 6 inches and less. Do prefer those that come in nice sheaths so you won’t worry about its storage. Some of the top selling throwing knife brands are Kunai knives, the ninja throwing knives that has holes in its handle, and those round bladed spears. Most of the inexpensive kinds are rather preferred to as novelty items but they serves the same function as it name suggests.

A few brands like Perfect Point, United Cutlery, and Cold Steel are the big names in knives department. Cheap throwing knives are available in stores where you can find military or survivalist items. You can also do your online shopping at home and have them delivered right at your doorstep. All you have to do is check the reviews and product specifications. Also check out this review on the best survival knife. Here is a news report of someone throwing a knife into a boy’s ear. Ouch!